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Year-end report # 2020

Summary on e-commerce market developments

Léelo en Español / 3-5 mins.

I wish to share my best wishes for the year 2021 to all our affiliates, vps server clients, hosting, domains and VPN. Without the trust placed by each of you, this project would not exist.

I am aware that behind each of his projects there is a person, with expectations and projects. We try to provide a quality service to meet the standards of the complexity of each project, through the optimization of resources, clean code work, implementation of pioneering technologies and APIs in the web market.

Last year, between our different e-commerce projects, more than $ 2,000,000.00 USD were sold, through payment methods that could be accounted for, mainly Mercadopago and Webpay.

The goal has always been to offer a stable, fast and secure service.

Within the goals of this year I have proposed:
* Creation of more free services for affiliates.
* Tutorials for beginning developers.
* Implement technological improvements to existing infrastructures.
* Develop the user panel, to facilitate the administration of their platforms.
* Creation of SEO audits through a new platform.

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