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Terms and Conditions

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Mox Networks, provides web hosting services, web hosting, domain registration of international TLDs and services associated with web development.

Purposes of services

Our services may be used only for lawful purposes, any use of the services that violates any laws that may apply to the company, your local jurisdiction, or any jurisdiction to which you or your website are conforming, is strictly prohibited.

This means that while using the Service, you may not:
* Provide information that violates the current law in our Chilean legislation.
* Incorporation/Publication of illegal content such as Pirate Content, audio and video without copyright, among others.
* Use malicious script or software without having been approved by a specialist, keeping it in inappropriate states and affecting the performance of the service provided.
* Abusive language, offenses and/or threats towards Mox Networks staff. In the event that this happens, the provision of the service will be terminated immediately, without the right of any claim by the client in question without the option of a refund.

Activities not allowed

The activities that under no circumstances will be allowed on the servers and/or managed services are the following:

* Spamming: Sending unsolicited electronic advertising communications to those with whom the Client has no prior business relationship.
* Spoofing: Using a return email address that is not the sender's valid return address or sending an email message that does not contain enough information to allow the recipient to identify the person who is actually sending the email. message.
* Passive Spamming: Promotion of a website hosted on ClickHost. spamming from one or another sender source.
* Mailbombing: Flooding the user with email without the intention of establishing correspondence.
* Phishing: Type of crime framed within the scope of cyber fraud, and which is committed through the use of a type of social engineering characterized by trying to acquire confidential information in a fraudulent way.

Service duration

This agreement between Mox Networks and the "Client" will have an indefinite duration and does not set dates for the end of the service unless the Client requests it, the client has no obligations to continue his services, he is free to terminate the service when he deems convenient. Similarly, the Company may terminate the service in the case of non-compliance with the conditions described above.


Mox Networks will provide the CLIENT, who accepts for himself, a hosting service, mail-hosting, domain registration or related Services, according to the conditions that are detailed in the plan that he contracted, and that by this act, are given known and accepted by the contracting parties. Mox Networks declares to host its servers in the Data Centers located in Florida, USA and Chile. Corresponding to the service that you contract, these services are informed in detail about the location.

Fortuitous events

Mox Networks will not be held responsible under any circumstances for the following reasons.

* Earthquakes and Natural Disasters that prevent the delivery of the service.
* Cutting of the National and/or International Links that are provided by external Companies.
* Prolonged power outages that result in exceeding its regeneration capacity through external companies.
* Loss of data and/or information deleted by the client.
* Misconfiguration and service disasters due to misuse.

Fees and payments
The Rates published on the Mox Networks website www.mox.cl must be respected by the client, however, Mox Networks has every right to modify its price sheet as it deems appropriate, thus maintaining the fixed price for which the client customer was captured, with the exception of "Promotions valid until the date granted or out of Stock".

Payments for services are made Recurring or a single payment according to the agreement and the type of service contracted, if it is Recurring, an internal invoice is applied to the client every month in advance of 5 to 10 days before its expiration with the total amount to be paid for the service, once the Internal Invoice has expired “Mox Networks” has every right to suspend the service in question.

In the event that the Client presents delinquencies or pending debts with Mox Networks, this will be a reason for suspension of the service, excluding essential services for the client where he can request an extension of payment for necessary reasons, this does not include specific services that are worked with payments of commercial licenses to external businesses, in view of this Mox Networks has the right to charge the counted days pending for non-payment, making a timely surcharge in accordance with Chilean Law
of the consumer.

In the event that the Client does not make the corresponding payment within a period of 90 days to Mox Networks, this will be reason for the elimination of the service, and not being able to recover this information, the client has these 90 days to be able to recover the information of the hired services.

Mox Networks, maintains a right of return of money in a period of 15 days (Money Back), for services contracted for a term greater than 35 days, the dedicated Services and domains do not maintain this right for reasons of direct cancellation with external license providers commercial and said contracting of external services does not merit refunds. The amount to be delivered to the client is for the time difference of the contracted service, except according to different treatment between the client and Mox Networks previously agreed and/or assigned promotion. Any type of refund is for a justified reason in which Mox Networks is not providing the service mentioned on the website and/or Client Area. For any return effect, all taxes are deducted according to the type of payment, in no case is a refund made at the customer's request without prior justification of the service failure or non-compliance by Mox Networks. In no case is the money refunded for an erroneous purchase by the client, it is only allowed to reuse the canceled balance for another service.

Modification of the terms
Mox Networks has the full right to modify this article as it deems appropriate, updates are published in the same file and the Client has the duty to keep updated. At the time of making an update, the client has the right to request more information in case of not understanding any concept, in addition, in case of not being satisfied, he can communicate directly with the COMPANY to see the subject in detail and reach a common agreement if so. is required. In the same way, any change made respects the previous policies of the services contracted for extensive terms, maintaining the policies until the expiration and/or auto-renewal of the contract, where they are updated immediately by applying the new policies.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions
The Client declares that he has carefully read the following contract and declares that he is perfectly aware of the terms and conditions of the service that is published and contracted.
The purpose of this policy is to inform what data we can collect when a person agrees to contract any of the Mox Networks services, how we can use that information, if it can be disclosed to third parties and the options we have about the use of it, and the ability to correct such information. Please read this document carefully as it relates to the privacy of our clients' information.

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