Overselling in VPS and Hosting in Chile

What is overselling? Why are there cheaper and more expensive VPS?

What is Overselling?

You may have ever heard that a hosting company oversell, you may have even, without knowing it, realized that they do it without even knowing that there is a term that defines it.

Overselling is the solution that many companies use to offer a lot at a low price . The hosting company creates plans with characteristics that if all its clients decided to use the system 100%, they would not be able to do so.

A common case occurs with disk space. Imagine that a company offers 40Gb of disk space and they sell the plan to 100 people even though the actual space available is only 200Gb. That is, while 400Gb are supposedly available, the reality is that only half is real. What is the theory that leads you to do this? Most websites do not reach a gig of space, so they offer a very tempting offer that they really are not going to make use of. Obviously the problem comes when someone does it!

This term is closely related to the well-known overbooking of airlines, which sell more tickets than the actual capacity of the plane, based on the idea that some customers will always fail.

Normally, there are usually no problems with these hosts, but one of the sites you share a server with may use a lot of CPU resources, either because it uses a content management system (CMS) or because its site becomes popular. If several of your server neighbors have these features, the server may slow down and may become a problem.

Why are VPS and Hosting cheaper and more expensive?

Strictly speaking, it is a question of marketing, if you are quoting a VPS or Hosting service, it is probably more attractive who offers more resources for the same price or for a lower price. Competition between different companies in the market causes this phenomenon to occur (which is quite regrettable otherwise).

When choosing between different plans or different companies, it is suggested to be realistic about the consumption of your service or website and, in the event that in the future you need more resources, you can simply request an increase in resources.

The saying of cheap is expensive is well known and in this case it fully applies. As a company, we have the policy of providing the resources that we really offer at a competitive price (real) and taking seriously working with our clients.