How are VPS backups generated?

Learn how backups are generated in all our VPS services

All of our VPS services have a daily backup service, in order to meet data security and sensitivity needs. The backup layers imply data export processes to solid disks to guarantee the security of your information.

daily backup

We generate backups of the virtual machines on a daily basis, overwriting the backup file. In this way, if required in the event of an eventual failure, it is possible to recover the Backup until the following day.

weekly backup

In addition to the internal daily backup, weekly backups are extracted and stored externally in encrypted form to guarantee a secure copy of your information and protect the confidentiality of your data.


At the moment the restoration service is free for all our VPS plans. It is necessary to raise a ticket in your MOX user account to request the restoration of your services to the previous state, or send it to your office /address or electronically through a download link.