Benefits of having a VPS

Advantages of using a VPS instead of a normal Hosting

We have previously talked about what is a private server and its main features . In this article we will describe a series of features and benefits of VPS.

When you have shared hosting and your project begins to grow, the conditions offered by shared web hosting are insufficient to function in optimal conditions.

When to switch to a VPS?

If your web project is starting and you do not have major technical requirements to work, you can start with a shared hosting. Also if you are starting as a developer and want to do design tests, programming; if you have an incipient blog, virtual store or e-commerce project or simply a personal website.

You should change when you consider it necessary according to the scalability of your project. That is, once your project matures, develops and grows in visitors, it would be convenient to migrate to a Private Server.

VPS and its benefits

Among the advantages of using a VPS over a Hosting are the following:

If you use a VPS you can choose the internet speed , ram and ram swap, amount of cpus.

Unlike traditional web hosting, on a server the resources indicated above are exclusive for your project. Hence the price difference.

Being a virtual machine and according to the resources used by your project or web application, you can increase the available resources, such as storage, bandwidth, ram, among others. Even add a larger IP range if more dynamic work is required.

Absolute control
Being customizable, you can control absolutely all the processes of the virtual machines, also the arrangement of the RAM, even choosing the OS and data infrastructure with which your content will be processed. You can install applications like Python, Node JS, Composer and perform scheduled tasks (cronjobs) manually.

It is safer to use a machine that does not share IP, Linux distribution or operating system.

You can define users and create SSH credentials for each one, in order to make a server with restricted access. Customization of firewalls (firewalls) enabling the ports exclusively necessary for the operation of your web application.

The speed of your project is related to both the web development or CMS that you have running as well as a good vps server behind.

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