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How to install a free SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt?

Learn what an SSL certificate is and how to install your certificate for free

Léelo en Español / 3-5 mins.

In its efforts to achieve a secure global web, Google has set itself the goal of alerting its users about unsafe sites, in addition to giving more visibility to websites with these types of certificates.

Let's Encrypt is a free, automatic and open certificate of authority. It is a method through which we can encrypt the information transmitted on different websites .

The information that we normally send when carrying out a transaction electronically, when writing in contact forms or simply registering as users. In any type of action where we enter information on a website, we send information from the browser to a server. By having an SSL certificate installed, this information is automatically encrypted, making it unreadable for eavesdroppers or interceptors.

How to install a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

To be able to carry out a free installation on our servers is easy and safe. You just have to log in to cPanel and enter the SSL Let's Encrypt module and install it in the corresponding domain.

Subsequently, it is necessary to make a modification to your website so that the traffic is permanently redirected from HTTP to HTTPS .

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