Why not use a free VPN?

Discover the reasons why using a free VPN is not a good idea

Faced with the rise of VPN in Chile, there are many companies in the market that offer free VPN options to make your internet browsing . Also other companies, like us, offer paid VPN solutions.

What is the difference?

The truth is that in both cases we could encrypt our connection, from antivirus that offer VPN services to free downloadable applications on Android or even Chrome extensions.

A VPN service must offer at least one server where the user connects securely, which entails costs and expenses for the service provider. There is a saying that essentially describes the problem: When a service is free, the product is you . It is not surprising that after registering the use of the connection, they can deliberately sell your data, as a free service excludes them from any contractual relationship where there is no privacy policy that can guarantee the service.

Users' personal information is a very important bargaining chip, it has great value, since you become the object of SPAM.

Despite the fact that they are offering you a security service, in reality you are violating your security with a free service, since you are placing an intermediary between your device and the internet where you do not know the true intentions.

Your safety first

In our case, [VPN] prices ( are affordable and we offer the guarantee and support that has stood out for us for years, since we work through OpenVPN, L2TP or LTPP connection protocols that encrypt absolutely your connection, masking your connection.

You can do tests, after the connection, view your IP and location, in addition to being anonymous in front of your Internet operator such as Movistar, Entel, Claro, VTR or others.

Among the different uses that you can give it are: content consumption, video calls, social networks, videos, among others.