What is a responsive website?

Learn what a website is as well as some recommendations to make your site accessible

A responsive website consists of a website that has the quality of granting users the opportunity to access through any technological device , in which its visualization and layout must be optimal regardless of the equipment used.

Metrics and analytics results confirm that with the advent of smartphones, their rapid use for searching requires an adaptive design. Each device has different configurations , so in the design, it must be developed to be able to see the websites on all the devices.

Another of the qualities that is within responsible design is that it is fast when loading the page, as well as the images. Responsive web design is achieved by resizing and using the elements adapted to the width and height of the device screen , which allows an optimal visualization that contributes to the user experience.

That is also accessible

In 2008, Chile joined the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In this way, within the new context of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the country is committed to promoting the use of support for people with disabilities to access information through the Internet.

In the design you can also integrate the titles of images, links and text so that programs dedicated to reading for people with visual difficulties, can access the information aurally . Jaws is a reading software that converts the words captured in the web pages into speech, so that people with visual difficulties can use the web page through command navigation.