Microsoft introduces its own metaverse: Mesh

The platform intends to start working through Microsoft Teams in 2022.

Apparently it was only necessary for Mark Zuckemberg to put the Metaverse on the media scene so that other companies such as Microsoft, began to expose their projects focused on the new virtual reality . It is a concept that is used to refer to a multisensory and immersive experience through technological developments.

From 2022, Microsoft Teams will function as virtual metaverse with which you can attend meetings with personalized avatars. It will be available for cell phones and computers and will also have specific places to connect the physical and virtual world. This is Mesh that seeks to compete with the Metaverse announced by Facebook.

Think of the metaverse as a new version, or a new vision, of the Internet, one in which people come together to communicate, collaborate and share with a personal virtual presence on any device. Organizations can also create immersive, metaverse spaces within Teams ”they explain from Microsoft Latin America News Center .

The functions will allow users to be virtually united in different physical locations and be witnessing collaborative holographic experiences and shared with Teams productivity tools . They can also join meetings, chat, collaborate on documents, among others.

“Welcome to Mesh for Teams. As a company that focuses on productivity, on knowledge workers, it is something that customers are really asking of us, and it combines with the mixed reality vision that we have been working on for 12 years. Everything is coming together ”explains the narrator of the presentation that you can find on the Microsoft YouTube channel.