Instagram starts trial to add music to your posts

The social network has already implemented the option in stories and reels.

The musicalization is an attractive adherent at the time of the exhibition of a video, since the social network already allows and has the option of using music for stories and reels. This could also open the door for users to add songs to feed posts.

As usual, the social network began testing in a certain sector of its audience. The place chosen to test their new wills is India. The public in this country is no less, a large part of the general public of Instagram is concentrated.

The music tool is in the experimental period. Some users from India have already reported the form and option in which the new musical segment will be found, which would look something like this:

As we can see, the dynamics is not different from what is currently used to adhere to a feed publication. The route is clear to be able to reach the creation process easily: add the photograph, edit it if the public likes it and then add tags, location, labels and finally music.

So that the user of the social network can choose the specific fragment of the song to be used, the steps are followed as it is used worldwide in stories or reels.

Besides India, there are a few other countries that are part of the new test. There are no official announcements yet, so the specific launch date is relative to how it works.

The possibilities of this tool are attractive, since it will be possible to add music in an official manner to publications, whether they are from individuals or publications dedicated to the commercial area. Well, when the public uploads a clip with music for commercial use, without the proper license, the system takes it as a reason to remove the content. What also happens on Facebook. With the new option, the song can be legally used, as long as it is among the license catalog of the social network.