WhatsApp includes reactions to messages

The social network has implemented new options such as reactions to messages in conversations.

WhatsApp is developing new functions such as reactions to certain messages in chats. The reactions will appear at the bottom of the messages so that the user can see who has reacted to each writing and which emoji has been used.

The social network also plans the reactions for images, videos and what can be shared through this route. It will also specify the reactions received and who has reacted to them.

On the other hand, there will be a new button with which you can send stickers to contacts and also to groups. As well as it will not be necessary to save it before, but rather users will be able to send the sticker to their contacts without necessarily saving them first.

The feature is now available in Facebook Messenger and is intended to be enabled in individual and group chat threads. In the latter, those who are in the groups will be able to enter the section that shows who has reacted to the message.

Regarding the limitations of this option, up to six emojis will be displayed and the user will only be able to select one reaction per message. The tool has begun to be tested in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS.