Responsive web development

What is a Responsive website

Due to the mass distribution of mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets in our market, there is a lot of diversity in terms of formats and screen sizes.

The display of websites from these mobile devices continues to grow, however, a large number of web pages are not optimized for these devices.

Faced with this problem, responsive design on a website allows the resizing and location of elements on a page so that they can be displayed properly in different screen resolutions, improving the user experience when visiting a web page, characterized by the content fluency.

How does it work?

Instead of making a website for the different screen resolutions of each mobile device, responsive web design detects the size of the device and shows a more optimized version, where the information is reorganized to make the content easier for the user to read. .

What are the advantages of Responsive web design?

By improving the user experience on your website by optimizing reading, loading speed by discriminating content, resolution adapted to the device:

- Improve the conversion rate, increasing sales and customer loyalty on your website.
- Avoid duplication of content when making a website for each screen resolution, improving SEO.
- Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, give you a better evaluation when considering web optimization for user experience, optimizing organic web positioning in these search engines.

In short, web development in Responsive or Adaptive format is the latest trend (and the most basic) in terms of web design , therefore, it is essential to consider this aspect when starting a web project.