SEO: Improve the positioning of your e-commerce store

Tips to improve the positioning of your virtual store

It is becoming more and more difficult for an e-commerce store to stand out through SEO. Google strives to offer the best result so the big brands like Falabella, Ripley or Amazon are increasingly difficult to beat.

However, it is still possible for small virtual stores to enrich their SEO to improve their search results.

Add categories with your own content

A category or subcategory without text is simply a list of articles with some text of the product descriptions which in turn is duplicate text of the text inside the product. Having original, well-written texts that really help the user can push the SEO of your ecommerce more than you think.

Link your products

Adding links on product pages to other products, in addition to improving cross-selling between articles, increases the number of pages that Google reaches.

Optimization for cell phones or responsive

Around 70% of the visits to a website are made through mobile phones, therefore, an adequate responsive optimization can be the criterion that defines the exponential growth of your e-commerce.

In Chile, very few stores are optimized for the phone. The buttons are small, the images do not work properly, the descriptions are difficult to read, therefore the shopping experience is frustrating. The best option is to include a responsive design in your e-commerce that adapts to any type of screen.

Add structured data in your products

What is the benefit of adding structured data in an e-commerce? Search results are increasingly richer and, the more information the search result of your store offers, the more likely it is to position itself among the first search results .

If you use Google Webmaster Tools it is very easy. In the administration panel of your website you must go to Data marker and this tool will allow you to add information to the elements of your website directly. Without codes. Without Plugins.

Custom Product Descriptions

The vast majority of online stores use the same descriptions provided by the provider. If all the distributors of the brand use the same description for Google it is impossible to identify differences. You won't make your products stand out unless you put in the effort to give your visitors an enriching experience.

Loading speed

This factor is not new. It is applicable to any website, but as far as stores are concerned: it is decisive. Every second of delay, the conversion drops by 7%, therefore, web speed optimization is crucial. You can evaluate the speed of your web page and see the necessary changes to be made to obtain a clear understanding. If you need help with this process, you can request it directly through a ticket in the customer section.

Don't obsess over keywords

If you include the keyword for which you want your products to rank excessively, you can get a penalty, which will have a bad result on Google.