SEO trends

Key factors to position yourself organically on the internet

It is a fact that SEO is constantly changing due to the change in search engine algorithms. The practices that were efficient are no longer so, therefore, it is important to constantly update the positioning practices. A few years ago Linkbuilding or link building externally was essential when carrying out a marketing campaign. Today it has expired.

Web Optimization

Due to the constant updating and emergence of new mobile devices, these years the trend has been towards web optimization and speed optimization as essential factors when it comes to having a good place. To perform a speed evaluation of your web page, you can use the tool Speed tester that we offer for free, it will give you the evaluation of your website on a scale of 0 to 100, providing recommendations to save speed for both desktop and mobile devices.

External reference

Although I previously indicated that the importance of link building is obsolete, that is, as links without a proper context. Mentions in magazines, forums, articles and social networks is essential when developing a proper SEO campaign.

Behavior on the website

Thanks to Google Analytics you can measure your website traffic and learn from user behavior on your website. This technology not only allows the display of data that seems to matter only to you, but also allows Google to verify the bounce rate , the loading time of your website, the number of impressions per person, demographic characteristics of your visits and target audience. It is essential when carrying out marketing campaigns to understand the behavior of your visitors and take the necessary measures to make the process organic.