Q-commerce: the third generation of commerce

Quick commerce focuses on the speed of dispatches and customer service.

The q-commerce or quick commerce , is a new generation of electronic commerce that revolutionizes through online orders and the speed of dispatches . And it is that its main objective is to buy online with instant delivery.

During recent years and the pandemic, electronic commerce has achieved great development and growth, due to the massification of delivery, creating new consumers, that is, with new habits, demands, lifestyles, less time, etc. Consumers want to resolve their purchases as quickly as possible so the demands of delivery and coordination to receive orders is paramount in the user experience.

The quick commerce, and focuses mainly on the speed of delivery that seeks to deliver in less than an hour or in the worst case, during the same day . In addition to the implementation of excellent customer service . This is known as the third generation of online sales.

After the global implementation of startups that provide delivery services, new consumer profiles have been created, in which the assessment of speed, convenience and customer service stands out, regardless of the price they must pay .

Trade generations

In the first generation of commerce, delivery times do not exist, since self-service is prioritized. Stock availability is expected that all products are available and stored in the store, as well as the transport of consumers is their own vehicle. In addition, the consideration of purchases is planned for a family of 3 to 4 people. His main interest and down payment are discounts.

The second generation is that of electronic commerce. Estimated delivery times are one to three days and it only keeps the main products available. Transportation is understood as delivery through a truck that takes the products from a mega warehouse to the place of dispatch. Shopping is usually more personal for one or two people. And like traditional commerce, the interest of consumers is discounts.

Meanwhile, the third generation, which is quick commerce, is intended to reach the dispatch time of one hour from when the order is placed. Unlike traditional commerce and e-commerce, the availability of stock is small selections of products provided by dispatches on bicycles or motorcycles. Storage is in local stores or warehouses and is usually for one person. And the main hitches in consumer interests are speed of dispatch.

More than a term or new concept, it is a demand from consumers worldwide, which in the most developed countries has an advantage. While in Latin America, the dispatches of orders reach from one to three weeks.