SpaceX flies for the first time with space tourists

The rocket took off its first mission consisting only of space tourists

As it was projected, SpaceX took off its first mission consisting only of space tourists. It is about the mission called Inspiration4 that had already become popular for fans of the space race who run companies from various countries.

The difference of this mission with the previous ones, is that this one is made up of only four civilians or space tourists , who have dreamed for years at the moment. The launch of the rocket has been followed via YouTube. It will now stay there for approximately three days, which means that during this time it will circle the Earth about 50 times before returning.

As for the special design with which the Dragon Crew has been built, a glass dome was added so that astronauts can see the Earth from almost 600 kilometers above. This adds to one of the achievements of Elon Musk's company, in addition to reusing the rockets where possible as a way to save costs.