Facebook enables group chats between Instagram and Messenger

It is now possible to start group chats between Instagram and Facebook Messenger accounts.

Facebook announced a few months ago the integration between Messenger and Instagram to send and receive messages independent of the app. This message exchange now also works in group chat .

This integration is not a merger of both accounts, but both continue to exist as independent but with the function that allows you to communicate from your Messenger account with an Instagram account, or vice versa.

In addition, internal surveys can now be carried out in group chats on Instagram, whose function was already in force in Messenger. This latest application has presented new designs for the chats that are even inspired by J Balvin's new album.

You can also see when more than one person in the group writes at the same time . As well as the profile icons appear in the lower left of the app. On the right screen you can see what the notice that there are two people typing at the same time looks like. Another Messenger function that is being transferred to Instagram is that of Watch Together, which allows the user to share what they are watching with their contacts.

Did you already know about these new functions?