Will Bitcoin stabilize?

Bitcoin could hit $ 100,000 before the end of 2021

The expert Mike McGlone through your Twitter, assured an underestimation of the reallocation of gold capital to bitcoin and ethereum and that this could lead to the cryptocurrency to the 100,000 dollars.

Despite the negatives for bitcoin, such as the ban in China, which have lowered the price of the cryptocurrency, several experts and analysts see short-term growth that could even lead to the price of bitcoin reaching $ 100,000 at the exchange rate. current.

In August 2021, Adrian Zduńczyk , a crypto expert who anticipated bitcoin hits, predicted that a 90% drop would follow right after .

A certain sector proposes that the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States approve a listed investment fund or Exchange Trade Funds (ETF) of bitcoin. Through this system, whoever invested in the ETF would gain with the rise in bitcoin prices and lose with the decrease, but without buying bitcoins at any time. The widespread belief is that this would attract all types of investors, including those whose trust in cryptocurrency is limited.

How far can cryptocurrency prices go after China's decisions? Several experts explain why they believe the upward trend will not be stopped. And if it happens, it is most likely that the price of bitcoin will enter a significant upward trend.