Spotify adds options for podcasts

The music social network is creating new implementations to become more dynamic.

Spotify is creating new options to make podcasts more dynamic. The idea is that content creators organize their community through their programs , giving them a possibility to interact with their audience directly.

For this, the music social network could allow users to add surveys as well as questions and answers to create interactive podcasts, as well as the opportunity to express themselves.

This is not the only novelty, the app since it is betting heavily on podcasts, so today on the platform we find many proposals in podcasts that cover different topics.

In addition, Spotify has different functions that make it easier for users to discover new podcasts. And following this line, it is now adding a new dynamic: a questionnaire, which is being implemented in some countries, to help users find that podcast that suits your tastes.

It is not a long and boring questionnaire trying to decipher your tastes, but they are simple questions that show you all the themes available on Spotify . When searching for a podcast, the user completes all the questions and Spotify will recommend a podcast program that adapts to the preferences indicated in the questionnaire , which will give you access to listen directly from the platform or continue browsing the thousands of options that Spotify offers.

This feature is testing and rolling out in United States, Germany, Australia, and United Kingdom.