Fall of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services

Find out the reasons and implications of the service outages of the Zuckerberg conglomerate

A few months ago a post from criticism of Facebook login was published, arguing that one of the reasons was the dependence on the stability of Facebook services . Today there was an emergency the fall of all the services linked to these social networks .


The official channel has not offered concrete answers about the causes of the drop in services. However, different experts worldwide have offered the following hypothesis:

The latest compilations of information and what all non-official media indicate warn about a cause in the DNS (domain name server), which correspond to the protocols destined to resolve domains and reference servers. That is, when you search for in your web browser, the browser (Chrome, Mozilla, among others) must resolve where this name points, that is, to what IP: Where is it located and what ports it has open, establishing a connection with the destination server to display the content you are requesting (all this in milliseconds).


Regarding the fall of these services, it is important to account for the fragility of online services, be they social networks or websites of different types, including game servers.

For years, the stability of web and multimedia services have been improving, with the growing market supported by networks, Internet and hosting providers have also improved the quality of their service, generally offering uptime of 99.9%. However, this does not ignore the fragility of the economic system that has dependencies on networks, not referring exclusively to social networks as entertainment, but to the informal and formal market support that occurs through them.

Some more peripheral consequences become evident: It would be normal for the shares of the network giant to fall; the dependence on digital interactions that we have acquired since the times of the pandemic and socio-affective implications; Zuckerberg's “ monopoly ” in terms of social media, the large market shares that this generates ( more information)