What is satoshi?

Know the smallest fraction unit of bitcoin and its conversions.

The satoshi or in its abbreviation SAT , is a unit of measurement of Bitcoin (BTC). In particular, this measure is characterized by being the smallest in which the famous virtual currency can be divided.

This definition was devised to resolve some implications that Bitcoin payments had, that is, it was decided to name the granularity of the currency. The main idea of this appointment is to simplify its use and make it more affordable when buying.

This unit of measure gives the facility to use satoshis to execute BTC micropayments. For example, a single bitcoin in Chilean peso has a value of $ 45,051,905, if you want to buy or invest in the currency, you can do it in the same way without having to pay 1 full BTC and only the determined fraction that you want.

The conversion of satoshi values converted to bitcoin are as follows:

1 Satoshi - 0.00000001 BTC
10 Satoshi - 0.00000010 BTC
100 Satoshi - 0.00000100 BTC
1,000 Satoshi - 0.00001000 BTC
10,000 Satoshi - 0.00010000 BTC
100,000 Satoshi - 0.00100000 BTC
1,000,000 Satoshi - 0.01000000 BTC
10,000,000 Satoshi - 0.10000000 BTC
100,000,000 Satoshi - 1.00000000 BTC

Satoshi therefore is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin . It is named in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto, who began to gain strength in 2008, after designing the bitcoin protocol. That same year, Nakamoto published a research article called "Cryptography Mailing List", explaining the protocols of the currency.