Podcast: How to upload your content

Podcast listeners have increased their listening time by 70%.

A podcast is a serial episode, recorded in audio format and transmitted virtually through mobile applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iVoox, among others. The programs can be registered in different formats and themes . There are many and surely browsing, you will be able to find that it is of your interest through the search engines of the musical apps.

Voice sessions can be heard via cell phone, web or smart speaker. Some of the diversifications of content found on these platforms can be interviews, musical sessions, audio fiction, journalistic chronicle, magazine, ASMR, narrative-documentary, among many more, as well as creative themes that you can follow.

According to Podcast Survey 2021, over the past 2 years, podcast listeners have increased their listening time by 70%. One of the questions asked of listeners was, why do you listen to podcasts? The majority responded "to learn new things" (75.76%) , followed by "to entertain myself" (71.08%) , then to distract myself (40.36%) , “To inspire me” (34.94%) . And to a lesser extent “to keep up with the news” (32.81) , “to relax” (28.36) and finally “to have a company” (27.06 ) .

Upload your podcast to Spotify

We will teach you two alternatives so that you can upload your auditory content to this social network. Once you have created the theme of your show, in addition to the technical coordination to record the programs and planned the niche in which you want to position yourself, it's time to upload the content .

This first option is through a RSS Feed link , which you can acquire by uploading your content to the web, blog or YouTube. Soon we will need this url.

- We are going to enter Spotify for Podcasters , then we select the option "Get Started ", we register or we will enter with our account.
- Select again "Get Started" and paste the RSS link that you saved.
- Fill in your personal information, where your podcast was made, what category it belongs to and the language. And voila, to share!

Another way to upload your music and you do not need to have previously published your content , is through Anchor , a mobile application that belongs to Spotify and specializes in the creation and editing of podcasts . After you edit your audio and continue adding the name of your edition, add description and cover photo. Within 24 hours they will respond to your request and your content will be on the Spotify platform.