Differences between ScaleUp and StartUp

These are companies that have already been classified at some point as StartUp and that are now in the next growth process.

ScaleUp or better said in Spanish the scalar , these are companies that have already been cataloged at some point as StartUp and that are now in another process that is more advanced to this, that is, they seek scale your business model to continue growing progressively.

Some of the differences between the StartUp and ScaleUp, is that the first seeks financing to start its innovative business, they are very likely to grow widely and market products or services with the help of information and communication technologies (TICS), in addition to be oriented by their own clients. While the latter, is about companies that have grown at a certain rate during a certain period and that already need to scale to a new business model.

In the process to make the transition from StartUp to ScaleUp, the company must consider its business model, it must have scalable characteristics that enhance the business. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) , a company must have an annual return that averages more than 20% during the last 3 months , in addition to having at least 10 employees.

Companies such as UberEats, Cabify, OrdersYa, are already considered ScaleUp for their experience within StartUp companies and the needs that they have had to continue growing in the market based on their own users.