Instagram starts trial period for new features

The social network aims

Instagram stopped being a social network to publish photographs, as mentioned by its director Adam Mosseri, a few months ago. Through Twitter, the video statement was made to explain that the social network will focus on entertainment content rather than photography, defining four central points: creators, videos, sales and messaging.

Based on this, the now entertainment social network is innovating in stories and amenities for content creators. The developer Alessandro Paluzzi, via Twitter reported the new functions of the application “Instagram is working on longer stories. Videos up to 60 seconds will no longer be segmented ”he wrote.

Social networks in general, lately have focused on videos as the main format, and they have also lengthened the duration times. The social network Tik Tok has also increased its videos, up to 5 minutes.

Publications from the computer

For a few months the social network speculated that the tool would be available for computers soon. From today October 21, this update will be available that will allow users to manage their content through the computer.

This update is not the only one that we will witness, but there will also be new tools such as musical effects, dynamic lyrics, 3D graphics for Reels that will be competing directly with Tik Tok. In addition, testing phases will be implemented for the functionalities of a "+" button in the upper right part of the screen of the social network.

Tags: Users or creators may choose to tag other content collaborators, therefore both profiles will be visible within the same publication.

Fundraising: Non-profit organizations (NGOs) will be able to acquire funds through their live broadcasts through the platform.