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What is a UX designer and what does it do?

l UX and UI are in charge of designing the digital services, both are in charge of the user experience.

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que es un ux designer y que hace

A UX designer or UX designer, is a person who is in charge of planning and creating websites that are based on user experience . Professionals dedicated to this area usually have optimization knowledge so that a web page is usable, accessible and inclusive .

The experience, emotions, feelings, construction of the brand of a web page or mobile app, are the main main aspects around design, with which an experience designer works.

UX as a field, initially focused on web page design, but today the study is expanding into other areas of design. The main reason is that every time a user performs an action, they are left with an experience, whether with products, services or consumer activities. The mission is to give the customer maximum satisfaction when consuming.

So what is the UI?

The UX and UI are in charge of designing the digital services , both are in charge of the user experience. On the one hand, the UX is the hidden part, on the other hand the User Interface or UI, is the visible part of said design, in it they include drawings, brand representations, etc. To organize the content and visually display it to the user, you need a dedicated UI professional to manage.

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