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Quantum computers, the future of the cryptogram

Quantum computing is a model that is used differently from classical computing, this is based on the use of "qubits" or quantum bits.

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computadores cuanticos el futuro de la criptograma

Quantum computing is a model that is used differently from classical computing, it is based on the use of "qubits" or quantum bits, which can only be described with quantum mechanics.

The qubits can have two simultaneous states and use a different paradigm of classical computing based on the combination of bits of 1 and 0, which allows creating new possibilities around the algorithm. Based on this, they have already positioned themselves as the computers of the future.

The capacity of these new machines makes them capable of decrypting data much faster than a conventional computer. A Turing machine is equivalent to a classical computer, while a quantum computer is equivalent to a quantum Turing machine.

On the one hand, in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security conducts research to combat hackers who wish to steal encrypted information, which will possibly be revealed in the future through the use of quantum computers. Meanwhile, in 2016 the National Institute of Standards and Technology began to create the first quantum computer that will be ready in 2024, this production is important since creating this technology can begin to prevent cyber attacks.

On the other hand, there are companies that already commercialize this technology, which supposedly decipher post-quantum cryptography, despite the fact that there is no certainty that it will really work in the future.

This type of technology could take about 30 years to develop for machines to really serve humanity. And that its use can help us solve really important problems.

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