You can now share Instagram posts on Twitter and vice versa!

You can now share Instagram posts on Twitter.

Social networks have opened the door to virtual interaction and from now on the Instagram and Facebook applications will begin to interrelate. It will be possible through the share button, where you can tweet Instagram posts and share them on Instagram Stories. tweets.

“They said it would never happen ... Twitter card previews start TODAY. Now, when you share an Instagram link on Twitter, a preview of that publication will appear ”specifies the announcement made by Instagram.

Share tweets on Instagram

To share tweets on Instagram stories , you need to have the app installed on your mobile and the session started . Open the Twitter app, press the share icon and then the Instagram icon, beware that it can only be done with public tweets. The app will automatically close and open a storie draft on Instagram.

Graphically, the tweet will appear with an adjustable size that you can edit in the Instagram Stories. You can share it with just one person, groups, best friends and followers in general.