Niantic company launches platform for the Metaverse

Niantic launches an augmented reality platform for the Metaverse.

Niantic launches an augmented reality platform for the Metaverse. The new platform is positioned under the name of Niantic Lightship and is already licensing its business to build web applications for the Metaverse that Meta has been building.

Niantic has created successful augmented reality games such as P okémon Go, Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , among others. Although the metaverse is built from virtual reality, this will be a tool that will be based on augmented reality.

The company on its website expresses its motivation to support people who venture into creating virtual content and experiences around the real world. “As part of our long-term vision for Lightship ARDK, we are building a 3D map of the world using our Visual Positioning System (VPS) and advanced tools to drive a whole new kind of contextual content on a global scale to understand the world where it is located. they are currently "express from the company.

The organization has designated 20 million dollars for a program that rewards the most creative proposals for the company , in order to motivate developers to immerse themselves in developing content based on augmented reality and the future Metaverse.

Lightship is now available for free to developers , although it will bring with it some specific payment options.