Youtube will remove the dislike count

From today the social network begins progressively to eliminate the button "I do not like"

This Wednesday YouTube announced new changes in its operation. From now on, the social network will hide the dislike of all the videos on the platform . The purpose of this change is to fight against harassment and cyberbullying received by content creators, so that users will not be able to mock or annoy youtubers.

The initial reason behind the creation of this "I don't like" button was initially so that viewers could anticipate others about the quality of the content, the quality of the video recording, the accuracy of the information provided, among others.

The social network carried out an investigation in which it realized that there were occasions that the dislike had a higher count than the visualizations of the same video. Which questions whether it is really necessary. Of course, the platform has already carried out real tests hiding the button and did not create huge changes.

“A few months ago, we did some experiments on YouTube and we hid the public count of Dislikes to see if it could help reduce organized attacks that occur on the platform to increase the number of Dislikes in some videos. After analyzing the results in July of this year, we did detect a reduction in these attacks. So now we are going to hide the YouTube dislike count (although we are not removing that button). Users can continue to use the dislike button and we will use that action to adjust their personal recommendations. However, users will not be able to see the count of Dislike, since only creators will be able to see it in YouTube Studio ”officially report from Youtube Creators .

While the new policy goes live today it may take a few weeks to update across the web to begin weeding out cyber bullying from the platform.