Add Instagram Reels to your digital marketing strategy

This option can also help you in the communication strategy of your business.

One of the biggest news that social networks have left us in 2021, is the implementation of Instagram Reels . Although the tool came to be characterized as the competition of Tik Tok, it is still implementing new updates to be at the same level. In addition, this option can also help you in the communication strategy of your business.

In this format you can create short videos , in addition to adding filters, effects, subtitles, texts, images and even music, which you can adjust, cut and choose the part that best suits your audiovisual creation. The videos once finalized and uploaded can be found through the explore section of the app. In a default button, users can scroll to see the most popular videos that the social network collects.

Content can be displayed in a variety of ways. The first can be through the content feed, by clicking on a hashtag that is in the reel, when searching for the audio or through the explore section mentioned above, which shows specifically in the trends and preferences followed by the user.

To use Instagram Reels in your digital communication plan, you must first think about what you are going to use this section of the social network for. You can offer a more complete image and /or branding of the brand, as well as interact with the community in a more personal way.

Define the topics to be addressed, they can ideally be linked to the use of your product or service through tutorials, teach how to use the products, what new functionalities it has.

Aspects to consider:


In order for you to understand if the content you are doing is really working, you need to maintain good engagement with your audience.

Give it creativity

Famous brands and influencers have already investigated the world of Reels and have managed to incorporate good ideas into their content strategies. Research what already works and adapt it with your messages, effects, colors, etc. Also create a hashtag kit that is your theme.

Plan your content

Plan the contents that you have to record, detail everything before the instance. You can create a storyboard to support your creation.


Show your brand creatively, tell the values, your style, share the stories that are related to your brand, the ideal is that you manage to connect with your audience.