Meta creates its own haptic gloves

Mark Zuckerberg intends to interact with the metaverse through his hands.

Meta has been dedicated for 7 years in the development of haptic gloves. On November 16, the entrepreneur Zuckerberg showed through a video how to use the already developed gloves . Haptic gloves are gloves that have a system that makes it possible to follow the hands and reproduce sensations through pressure, texture, vibration , among others.

“The Reality Labs team from Meta is working on haptic gloves to create a realistic sense of touch in the metaverse. Someday you will feel texture and pressure when you touch virtual objects ” Mark wrote through his official Facebook page.

The work has been so innovative that it has opened doors around the scientific investigation of virtual and augmented reality. In addition, the company intends to direct its technologies in new fields of study such as medicine and space travel.

Some of the examples the company proposes to you are like working on a surreal 3D puzzle of a friend. The assumption is that as you pick up a virtual puzzle piece your fingers stop moving automatically as you begin to feel the piece in your hand . It is intended to reach a sharpness that you can even feel the cardboard and the surface of the object.

With this, technology opens up new possibilities in work tools. Another example is a virtual screen in which the keyboard fits your hands and the space you have available to write, which is easily personalized. And just like the puzzle piece, you can feel you can feel the pressure of a button you can feel the pressure of a key and everything that goes with it: its edges, the texture, density , just like a physical keyboard.

The manager of Reality Labs , Sean Keller, specified that to achieve more realistic sensations it is necessary that the gloves contain up to 10 times more tubes "this is a big problem from a system perspective that cannot be troubleshoot until something like fluid microprocessors is built, "he explained in an interview with CNet.

Scientists have not ensured that the technology is really immersed in these gloves, since there are other types of investigations such as electromyography, a type of technology that is used for clinical diagnoses that manages to make readings of the electrical activity of the gloves. muscles and neurons.