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SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is termed as search engine marketing.

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sem marketing en buscadores

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is termed as search engine marketing. It is used to designate paid search engine ad campaigns and to gather all the actions that are involved in marketing within search engines independent if they are paid.

Such marketing can be encompassed as a set of ideas, tools, strategies and technicalities that optimize the visibility of web pages through search engines. The main idea is to position yourself between the results of Google and other search engines just at the moment when users are looking for keywords or specific keywords.

Google search pages show two types of results, organic and natural. To show them, an algorithm shows which are the websites that can best respond to a specific query. The Google algorithm is based on the content of the web and the links from other pages.

Paid results are displayed in the column to the right at the top. To do this, the advertiser pays a certain amount for each click they get. To obtain traffic, advertising systems such as Google Ads will be necessary. This system is also called pay per click (PPC) or cut per click (CPC).

In practice, SEM refers to search engine advertising, that is, to paid results, it is better to use SEM as a synonym for "search engine advertising".

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