Create your branding campaign for YouTube

Campaigns focused on YouTube can now help you create sales

There is a new tool for Google Ads videos and it is that now those who want to create ads will now have the possibility to expose their products through video campaigns .

For digital marketing it is a great advance in that advertisers will be able to use videos in Google Ads. The function is positioned as an opportunity for users who want to obtain conversions for their business or specifically in digital marketing campaigns.

Those who are in charge of advertising and digital marketing of a business, will be able to create links from the feeds, towards a purchase call to action, as well as in ads that are positioned at the top of the funnel. Google shows how the product feed is displayed in videos.

This tool update is just one of a series of updates for video campaigns. Google has put True View for Action campaigns aside and replaced them with Video Action campaigns since its launch last year, as they already announced that TrueView for Action campaigns would not be available from 2022.