What is Product Market Fit and how

How to apply the PMF in your company

The Product Market Fit or PMF for short is a concept created by Marc Andressen, who founded Netscape, and is also an investor in Silicon Valley. This definition invented by the investor is about understanding and measuring the level of satisfaction of a specific product , which the client has achieved in a specific market.

According to Andressen, having a good Product Market Fit, they ignite great opportunities to be within a strong market, also offering products that solve the specific sub-market of the article . Said product offering solution must take advantage of solving the problems of the buyer person.

You can use this concept as a mapping tool, specifically for the positioning of your brands in the market. Thus establish the consumer's needs and the way in which the product offered by your company will be adapted . The PMF is essential in guiding the company along an agile and optimized path. One of the important things to consider is that the product must be positioned in the correct market , so that sales do not stop the initial plan. Difficulty executing sales or shortage of audience may be signs of the absence of the PMF.

To start defining your FAQ, you need to know the specifications of your audience. With a well-defined Buyer Person, you will be able to understand your audience's needs and preferences .

One tip so that you can analyze your FAQ is to establish a connection with your consumer or target audience . Also, you need to have comparison metrics. For this you can use the Costumer Lifetime Value, which will allow you to know the profitability average of your company. It is necessary for the entire company to be aware of the behavior of the public.

You must seek as an objective, that your brand is seen as valuable in front of the competition and customers . Conduct research and guarantee the user experience above all.