Learn to identify stalkerware

It is a software that can monitor the activity of an entire device

Stalkerware is mobile device software that runs in the background . The purpose of this tool is to monitor all the activity of a mobile phone without necessarily the corresponding authorization.

Some of the options that the software has are access to the device's camera , location in real time, reading messages. All these free accesses, in which the owner of the mobile does not realize . There is also no indication of its use, since there are no graphic signs that it is being used by someone else.

Kaspersky is an international company dedicated to computer security with a presence in approximately 195 countries around the world, some of the data reported by the agency is that this tool is used mainly to monitor the activity of a computer in the background "Mexico it is among the 10 countries with the most cases of stalkerware in the world despite the fact that 87% consider it an unacceptable dynamic and 50% of those surveyed are concerned that their partners spy on them ”, they declared to the digital media.
Another thing to be aware of about this software is that its installation is very easy to carry out, the app is found in the application stores and that also cannot be eliminated, since they are registered in the classification parental control. This validates the marketing use.


To avoid being a victim of this type of software, some recommendations that we can indicate are, do not lend your mobile phone, if possible keep it locked with a password. In addition, you can constantly check the app store to make sure that it is not none have been installed without your authorization, you can also review the permissions that are given to other applications and eliminate those that you do not use.

If you are a victim of these software and you still do not know it, some of the tips that you must take into account to identify them is the data usage and your cell phone performance , so it will be slower to interact with applications . In addition, the battery will decrease since the activity in the background will be in constant use.