What is 5G?

Get to know the cutting-edge technology of wireless communication

5G is about the wireless communication technology that ranks fifth in the generation . This type of internet is used by mobile devices that allow you to connect anywhere on the net . The term comes from the successor 4G development, which was implemented in 2009 but was not launched until 2010 and only in 2013 did it begin to be distributed worldwide, surpassing 3G networks.

In 2019 5G networks began to be implemented . This execution began when the companies dedicated to the manufacture of devices began research around the consumer and to create compatible mobile phones with said technology. If we follow the logic of the times, perhaps late 2022 or early 2023, the network could be the latest cutting edge technology. Compared to 4G, the 5G network works in a wider range. The latter, in the most common form used is Sub-6, which refers to operating at a frequency below 6 GHz.

It is understood that 5G is faster than 4G. The benefits are demonstrated in the maximum data rate offered by 5G. It reaches 20Gbps downstream and 10 Gbps upstream, to enjoy this speed it is necessary that you have the indicated connection , that is, a device adapted for said technology .

Regarding the latency of use of this latest technological network, the travel time of the data in time, should ideally be 4 milliseconds and 1 millisecond for maximum speed uses. On the one hand, the efficiency must focus on energy matters so as not to fall into low energy, the state must be changed in 10 milliseconds when it is no longer in use.

It is estimated that the 5G network should support more connected devices than LTE, which should be approximately 1 million per square kilometers. In Chile , currently experimenting with some communes that can provide the latest network, some are Las Condes and Providencia . And it is expected that 366 locations and 199 hospitals will benefit from the speed of 5G .