Instagram allows you to reply to posts with reels

The latest update will grant more freedoms for influencers

The social network belonging to Meta, this year has been in charge of changing its guidelines to compete head-on with the arrival of TikTok, a social networking service app for video sharing owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

The director of the entertainment network, Adam Mosseri, has published on several occasions through his social networks, the process by which he has been experimenting with new interaction tools, updates and improvement options for stories and reels , what has attracted the attention of influencers to host their content on just one social network.

As for the Reels option, this has become one of the most popular. In this latest update, the company has announced that from now on, its users will have the ability to reply to their posts using the reel format.

This opens several doors for influencers and brands, since it is supposed a new integration experience for the digital ecosystem of each company . Users will be able to put all their creativity and originality , to give dynamism when interacting with their audiences and /or virtual communities. In addition, this will enhance the visibility of the reels, since everything points to it becoming the axis main of the social network.

The new function originally comes from TikTok , it already had at the beginning of 2021 , the option for reply with video. Which has worked very well for TikTokers and their engagement . The difference is that this update allows you to respond to both post videos and reels.

When you want to run a comment reply, the chat balloon will appear, the camera symbol will appear. Click on the user and you can record a video to reply to the comment. When posted, a thumbnail of the video will be displayed in the comment thread.