What is a plugin?

Know the types of accessories and their uses.

When we want to install a program or application, the software implementers themselves are in charge of letting you know if you want to add a complement or rather, plug-in . Most of the time users only accept to finish the installation quickly, but we will really explain what it is for and if you can fully trust its installation.

There are various types of plugins. On the one hand, some specifically for audio and video playback programs . On the other hand, you can find add-ons for web browsers , an example of these is Ad Block, to block any advertising from the screen that is being used. Plugins are used as extensions that allow you to connect functions to the default browser that offers its users other options or tools to achieve a better user experience.

As for the add-ons to play music, it can be used to play DVDs or Windows Media Player, the same software can offer you this enablement in the Microsoft operating system. Some of these examples may be that a plugin is used as an external CD that may not be installed due to the characteristics of your console.

You should also take into consideration that there are other types of plugins whose objective is to hijack the browsing information that you carry out or that otherwise try to install some malware on your computer. To avoid this, use open source plugins and download from official sources. Also, take into account the permissions it requests, especially if it requests access to the camera and the plug-in is inconsistent with the access permissions.

The first plugins in history began to appear in 1970, when the EDT text editor running on the Unisys VS /9 operating system and using the Univac 90/60 series of computers, allowed an external program to access memory to edit the session. In 1987, the Macintosh included the functionality in HyperCard and QuarkXPress. Y in 1988, Silicon Beach Software included plugins in Digital Darkroom and SuperPaint, and Ed Bömke coined the famous term "plug-in".