The new Web3 that aims to decentralize the internet

Meet the new goals of the futuristic internet

The Web3, 3.0 or semantic web is an expression used for the evolutionary description of the use and interactions of users on the internet . Items such as the transformation of the network around a database into a social movement are included with the aim of creating content accessible by multiple applications without a browser, the evolution of technologies, artificial intelligence, among others.

Currently, the most accurate description is that the web3 is about the decentralization of the internet. All this, hand in hand with the evolution of cryptocurrencies, NFT, decentralized finance and the famous blockhain. And what is speculated is that said decentralization would point to big technology: Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. which have endless information and user data.

But, why has it been defined as decentralized? The proposal intends to solve some problems, such as the information distributed only on some servers in the world. This update intends to connect a vitaminized P2P network to give free rein to blockhain technology , which can be public, private or hybrid. At the moment, the developments that exist to date are carried out on the Ethereum network.

This latest technology aims to provide users with a more personal way of use, without the need to provide personal information and private data, in exchange for a product or service.

It should be noted that the evolution of this revolutionary internet comes from a timeline. This has started with the web 1.0 , which is the already known one where users could interact on the web, such as purchasing products and exchanging information between company-client through web pages. Regarding the evolution of web 2.0 , we could say that we are already on the right foot, as it deals with the applications we use on our mobile phones. Meanwhile, web 3.0 would be established on these and would become the entry point to the world in which all this works with virtual money such as Ethereum, Market and Ocean.

The web3 or web 3.0 still lacks a lot to achieve a massive or worldwide implementation , since it is necessary that more companies are created, the user experience in new projects is empirically tested and that they evolve until their ultimate scalability.