WhatsApp is implementing an option for stores

The social messaging network has new updates for businesses

The social messaging network has been making updates for several months to improve the quality of its services. Some of its advances in updating are the payment system, commerce, product gallery and now a new function to find nearby businesses based on location, that is, from GPS.

The new tool is still under development but the operations that the company are targeting have already been specifically detailed. At the moment only Brazil is testing this update, so it is expected to reach more users soon and even globally.

The idea is encompassed in that through search filters, some nearby establishments can be shown to inform users. The application would use the location to find said establishments and in turn the user will have the facility to contact the same establishment through WhatsApp. This system is expected to be used by restaurants, supermarkets, other clothing stores, among others.

Will Cathcart is the leader of the WhatsApp instant messaging network, and through a tweet he indicated that both the location and the businesses that are within the application. The feature is expected to reach Android and iOS operating systems, however it is not yet known when beta testing will begin for the rest of the users.