Instagram will prioritize Reels in 2022

New updates for next year explained the CEO of the social network.

2021 is ending and the social network has undergone a series of changes during the year that currently position it as the direct competition of TikTok. And just like the functions of the social network where tiktokers reign, it intends to stop put photographic publications aside and give priority to videos, this time through the reels.

The director of Instagram, Adam Mosseri through his Twitter profile, has created and published audiovisual content to publicize new ideas that they handle with their creative team, who intend to see the light next year. According to what he explains, the social network must be rethought according to the world we are living in and which is changing at a speed that we were not used to, adding that they will try to add greater security to the accounts.

A few months ago, the same CEO announced the elimination of IGTV, which we could call an articulation so that the videos continue to be used but in another way, in addition to monetizing the content shared by the creators and used as a formalized work to through the social network.

“This next year will be fundamental for Instagram. In addition to our industry-leading safety and wellness efforts, we are focused on these four key priorities. I hope everyone can get some rest during the holidays. See you in the new year! ” wrote the CEO of Instagram, attached to the video explaining the new workings.

In the video Mosseri explained that "We are going to redouble our focus on video" . Instagram will also "consolidate all of our video formats around Reels and continue to grow that product" he added.

"We are also going to focus a lot on messaging" he explained in the video "We believe that Instagram can be the best place for people to connect with their friends about their interests. And Instagram has to accept the fact that that messaging is that primary form of communication ", added to this, the CEO has ensured that transparency would be a priority in 2022.

"Creators are at the forefront of the power shift we are seeing across industries, from institutions to individuals" he adhered. "There will be a number of new monetization products from creators, ways to help creators to earn a living on our platform, which makes me especially excited for next year ".