For the story: You managed to write a tweet only with your mind

A patient with paralysis managed to capture a message on social networks just thinking about it

If we think about the future, the most possible is that we imagine a completely technological and virtual world mixed with transhumanism. And it is that technology is going by leaps and bounds, so much so, that already a person with paralysis achieved write the first tweet with your mind. And we are talking about the present.

On December 23, the patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), 62-year-old Philip O'Keefe, became the first person to post a message through thought and translate it into social networks, specifically on Twitter .

The technological achievement was made thanks to a device called Stendrode Brain Computer Interface (SBCI) which is installed as an endovascular brain implant. Through the interface, Philip managed to compose the message only thinking about the words and actions. The message posted by O’Keefe was captured on the account of Thomas Oxley, who is CEO of Synchron, the company in charge of developing the revolutionary technology. "Hello World! Small tweet. Monumental progress ”he wrote.

The SBCI was implanted in the user's brain, this without necessarily opening the skull, but rather using the insertion of a device through their jugular vein . This measures 8mm and has been designed so that people can communicate using only their thoughts . The techniques of this method have been researched for years to successfully treat people with stroke.

This advancement of cutting-edge technology in science can mean a great change in the world and particularly, a great help for people who are unable to communicate. As well as a risk against technology entrepreneurs who have already publicly exposed their wishes to use freely accessible neural data to insert advertising according to their target users in the future.