Instagram tests 3 new features for its feed

The social network wants the user to choose the order in which they will see the publications

After the constant criticism of the order of the social network's feed, which showed the publications through an algorithm that benefited the accounts with the largest followers, Instagram has begun to test new feed display options for its users.

The company is implementing the integration of, apart from the current form, two options for viewing photos and /or videos.

Adam Mosseri , the CEO of Instagram, before closing the year 2021, told us through his social networks that the company had new objectives to modify its tools. Yesterday, Wednesday, Mosseri again touched on the updates, this time around chronological order and said “We are beginning to test the ability to switch between three different views on your home screen, two of which would give you the option of see the publications in chronological order ”.

The new subdivisions are integrated into the Home of the application which with this update have 3 options to select: home, following and favorites . Two of these would offer the “chronological order” tool, therefore, the user will be able to choose in which mode they will view the feed. The “favorites” tool would be able to see a feed through favorites, that is, a list of selected people who will be able to look exclusively at their content in the new section.

There is still no date set for the official arrival of this new update for all mobile devices, as it is still in the testing period. Specifically, the experiments are being done on Apple's iPhone.