The innovations of CES 2022

We tell you about some of the softest innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show

The self-proclaimed program, as the most influential technological event in the world, this Wednesday began a new edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that ends today Friday. The event days were held in Las Vegas and had more than 2000 exhibitors.

Some of the most innovative projects, shown at this technology fair, go through entities to be able to see in the metaverse, even a modern emotion sensor for dogs.

With the arrival of the metaverse, which has been one of the most profitable topics to analyze in said fair, advances have been presented as lenses for the use of said metaverse. This production and research has been possible thanks to the ophthalmic technology and biomicroelectronic mechanical systems, resulting in small contact lenses to immerse yourself in the new digital world.

The lens membrane is made up of hydrogel and together with this it manages to hold a display chip for full integration. It works through the user's mobile device that will also provide an increased view to the user.

Another novelty at the technology fair is the smart motorcycle helmet . The French company Tali Connected created a smart helmet. The device features lights that are tuned to the motorcycle, acting as an extension of the brake or turn signal lights.

Finally we will tell you about the emotion sensor for dogs. Inupathy is a communication device and designed to record and display the moods of dogs , such as joy, stress or relaxation . Woof. In addition, the tool integrates a harness, which can be worn by the device that will measure heart rate, among others.