3 digital marketing trends for 2022

Know the trends that will help you boost your business

New year, new content. And it is that digital marketing trends evolve so fast that it is necessary to update with this coming year. Companies' strategies face rapid changes in technology.

If we talk about marketing, this continues to grow in terms of updates, ways to promote, product sales, virtual commerce, among others. The important thing is to be aware of the modifications and new trends for the various users of each brand.

Social networks

Applying the strategy for social networks through a content grid is essential today to attract potential customers, since the platform is one of the main communication channels of the Meta company.

In addition, the uses that users have given them, have been creating new updates within the company, iterating the tools and transforming their uses to another to other forms of interaction with the platform. An example of them is the sectioned Instagram Stores, in which products from different stores are grouped to make sales.

Personalization of content

Inbound marketing strategies, and the corresponding strategy that is carried out in terms of the contents that are worked with a particular brand, this is considered one of the most effective strategies to link users or new customers.

Last year, blogs to create traffic to networks, Videos to link and spread web pages, were the key to attracting people to a particular topic and giving it added value, without the need to distance ourselves from the final objective : persuade the customer. This year it is expected that this type of marketing will continue to evolve, which means small modifications to the pace of work that is used, since they must take into account the needs and characteristics of the audience, the databases, as well as the different audiences in those that will be destined the valuable content.

Video Marketing

If there is something that users undoubtedly use, it is the tutorials, which are easily accessible through the YouTube platform. This company was the one that made this format popular and it quickly became popular on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, in which today we can also find this type of content, mixed with informative content. Lately one of the most famous platforms for this type of content is Tik Tok.

For companies that want to adapt this type of tutorial videos, it is necessary to understand that the delivery of information is facilitated for the user, and for this it is much more interactive and pleasant when making virtual purchases. That is why it is necessary to understand the importance of this type of content, be it promotional, educational or entertainment with direct and fluid communication with customers.
Due to these factors, companies are interacting with their audience through educational, promotional and entertainment videos, so that communication is more direct and fluid, and captures immediate attention.