Corporate image and its implications

Know 4 aspects to respond to an adequate corporate image

All companies have an identification. An example of this is the logo, which is easy to recognize by the public, adhered to this, the corporate colors also mark a closeness, it is quick and identifiable at the moment of seeing or remembering. The corporate image of a company or brand image is described as the set of beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of current or potential consumers towards a brand. That is, the opinion that the current or potential public has about a product or brand.

To obtain good brand results, you need to consider 4 very important aspects when deciding on the branding of your company: naming, logo, internet presence and corporate stationery. These elements will ensure that customers can create an image or concept in front of your brand, this will determine the way they see and perceive you. Here we will specify the points to consider for each item.


The corporate naming refers to a line of criteria and rules to work around the creation of the naming. One of its central ideas is to previously provide the names of divisions, categories, product lines or services of a company. This exercise would give coherence to the company's internal structure.


The logo proposes to communicate the values of the brand and additional meanings. Although the first objective is to identify brands, they can also be used to communicate important messages and values.

Internet presence

The presence on the internet is of worldwide importance. In Chile, 76% of users search digitally to find out about the product or service they want to buy. For this reason, having a good online presence is essential for better accessibility and greater reach, reaching more people regardless of where they are.

Corporate stationery

Corporate stationery helps your company's networking, including contact details gives everyone a plus. Also, where the stationery is available, it will help customers contact the company quickly through the included contact details.