What is technostress?

It is a new psychopathology of the digital age that affects Internet users and puts psychosocial aspects at risk

Technostress is perceived as a psychosocial characteristic that can affect users of technological platforms. This condition can be identified with some symptoms such as pain in the back, arms, burning eyes caused by long exposure to the computer . In addition, the lack of concentration to carry out actions is added.

This disease can be measured with three types of guidelines. It can be affective: anxiety vs. Fatigue; attitudinal: skeptical attitude towards technology and cognitive: beliefs of inefficiency in the use of technology.


Technoanxiety is also identified as a type of technostress. This specifically, causes the person to experience prolonged levels of unpleasant physiological activation, added to this, they feel tension and discomfort due to the present or future use of some technology. This is produced by anxiety leading to attitudes about the use of devices, as well as negative thoughts. Technophobia focuses on the affective dimension of fear and anxiety towards information technologies.


Technoaddiction is another technostress, this is characterized by having compulsive attitudes regarding the use of ICTs, abusing their use at any time and anywhere, that is, using them for long periods of time. Therefore, techno addicts are those people who want to be up to date with the latest technological advances and turn their lives into it, becoming the axis that sustains their daily lives.