Land available for purchase in the Metaverse

Learn how to buy and sell land in the virtual world

2022 brought with it the open doors to the Metaverse world and the purchases of digital assets, which are usually used under the same parameter as NFTs. And it is that last year the bases of how this new virtualized place would work were already presented, it is also for some, a monetary investment that would give them a space to create their businesses or simply a piece of land in cyberspace.

To begin to understand the buying and selling of virtual land, it is necessary to understand that there is not only one Metaverse, but several. Therefore, it is necessary that you first recognize which one will suit you and choose, and then make the purchase through some wallet that handles the virtual currency with which it will be paid.

Some examples of Metaverse are Decentraland and The Sandbox which have the advantage in popularity, as well as being the most expensive . In these you can access land for an equivalent of virtual currency that is equivalent to $10,000 dollars.

Regarding the dimensions and characteristics of the terrain you will choose, you must consider that each metaverse will have its own rules. What you can do in the multiple metaverses is build houses, buildings, provide services, etc. Most of them are sold in standard size. The smallest plot you can buy is 1x1, which is equivalent to 96 square meters in The Sandbox and 16 square meters in Decentraland.

To finally make the purchase, you need to have a digital wallet, which in turn is configured to seal the purchase. You must consider that each metaverse has its own currency with which you must buy. For example, Decentraland uses Mana and The Sanbox uses Sand, although most platforms support Ether.

In addition, one of the important things to keep in mind is that the wallet has good security, since here the support that the buyer is actually the owner of the land will be lodged.