Twitter allows you to use NFT as a profile picture

The social network is making room for the merger of its platform with NFTs

Cryptocurrencies are already positioned as the future of virtualization and digital worlds. As some time ago, the social network mentioned the creation of a specialized team to carry out studies on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, today it is making certain integrations in its network.

Following the news a few months ago about the monetization of the social network, it has taken a quickly unexpected turn, leading it directly into the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. One of its recent updates, which by the way Elon Musk did not like very much, is that Twitter will allow users to use their NFTs as avatars on the social network.

The NFTs have a certificate with codes, which indicate the ownership of a file through a code, which is linked to the owner's wallet. To use the purchased NFT, you will need to connect the virtual wallet with the Twitter platform, to link the image you want. This image will be displayed in the avatar, which will change exclusively to a hexagonal shape when it is an NFT.

Through a @TwitterBlue thread, the social network was present with the following tweets “You asked for it (a lot), so we got it. Now available in Labs: NFT Profile Pictures on iOS” and therefore “Ready to show off your NFT? Follow these easy steps to connect your crypto wallet and let's see your NFT PFPs!” attached instructional videos to exercise profile picture update.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk goes on to criticize said measures by the social network and the expenses that are being attached to the update, commenting via Twitter "Twitter is spending engineering resources on this, while cryptocurrency scammers throw a block party of spambots in every thread?"

What we can conjecture from this entire update is that it is an exclusive badge for people who have said NFT and who must connect their wallets yes or yes. So it remains to be seen if users dare to take this step or not.