Google presents its new Topics tool

The update aims to finally end the cookie system

Cookies are text files of each person who browses and that allow advertisers to collect information about our tastes and habits in web browsing, in order to deliver personalized advertising. The Google company seeks to set aside said old navigation system to make way for one that does not use these cookies. And the new alternative to replace FloC is Topics.

The main idea of the company has been iterating for a long time and has been controversial from the beginning. This Tuesday, through the official blog, they have delivered all the information regarding the new updates that the technological giant will carry out.

“Today we are announcing Topics, a new Privacy Sandbox proposal for interest-based advertising. Topics was based on our learning and widespread community feedback from our previous FLoC trials, and supersedes our FLoC proposal.

What is Google Topics

What Topics will start offering is the use of your browsing history over the last three weeks to determine each user's online interests. Approximately 300 topics will be analyzed to begin with. The goal of this new implementation is to establish new tools for the advertising market. So Google will use Topics to analyze the topics that have caught your attention the most in recent days, based on your browsing habits.

“With Topics, your browser determines a handful of topics, like "Fitness" or "Travel & Transportation," that represent your top interests for that week based on your browsing history. Themes are kept for three weeks only, and old themes are removed. The themes are selected entirely on your device without involving any external servers, including Google servers "explains in the text.

The company had made several attempts to finally change the cookie system, going through FloC, which was criticized by other browser companies. After this, the replacement by Topics is already in the development stage and users will have the possibility to remove Topics and add new ones.